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General Announcements: Beta Now Open

By Reilena on April 8, 2019, 12:38 p.m.

Thats right! We are moving in to our Beta phase of Ithir. We had a lot of goals in Alpha that we were able to meet and exceed, and a few goals we set for ourselves that we were not able to meet! Regardless of that, we have decided to press on and move in to Beta. Hopefully this FAQ post will help answer all of your burning Beta questions. But if there is anything left unanswered, you can always +request and ask us.

===What is different in Beta?===
- We will be opening up @actions to any subject. Do you want to dig in to your sheet secret? Do you want to research some weird writing in Thelos? Do you want to begin to stage a war against another faction? You can!
- We will be opening up exploration and settlement building. You may have noticed the addition of hex-markings on our world map recently. You will be able to explore one hex at a time. For more details on the costs check out 'help exploration and settlements'. The costs are subject to change as we discover where our economy sits, but right now, we think these are fair goals.
- Encouraging PRPs! We know you have stories to tell as well in the world of Ithir. We look forward to working with you all more frequently to build up the lore and help set you off on a good foot for telling your own stories.

===What features are still coming?===
- First and foremost, prayer is coming! I've gotten significant work done on it and it is getting very close to being available. Prayer will be how we communicate with the gods, and more importantly, how we empower them to be able to act. The new system will allow your prayers to feed their mana and allow them to spend mana to act on your behalf. We were pretty loose with divine intervention and communication in alpha, that will be changing a bit with the new system.
- Dual wield. This VERY lofty goal is a lot more difficult than we originally anticipated. It is next on my list for big systems to tackle after prayer. More info to come in the next few months.

===New Story Chapter OTW===
We're taking a bit of a break this week from story emits, but we have planned a kick off for the next meta-plot chapter, The Search for Brundir, to happen over the weekend.

We are very excited about the amount of story telling we will be able to do now and hope you all enjoy it too! HUGE thank you to all of you who helped us break, test, bug, and fix everything we needed to as we worked through Alpha.

-Ithir Staff