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General Announcements: Alpha Now Open

By Reilena on Dec. 28, 2018, noon

The day has come and we are open for alpha players to come and join us in the Immortal Lands! We are so excited to have this game up and running. But as this is Alpha and not a complete game, there are a few guidelines I want to lay out for our players.

===The First Two Weeks===
Many of you have been with us in our pre-alpha Discord group and have chosen roster characters from that initial list. If you already have a character assigned to you, please register your email when you log in. (@add/email <email>) and then apply for your assigned character with (@roster/apply <character name>=<Application>). The application portion will need to give us some way of identifying you. Mentioning your discord handle would be the most effective way to do that.

If you do not claim your pre assigned character by January 11th, 2019, it will be forfeit and be open again for new players to claim at that time.

===Bugs and Issues===
This is the first time we are opening up to a large group of people. There will be bugs and remnants of the Arxcode base we do not intend to use. If you think you have found a bug, please send as much information to us as you can by using the 'bug' command. (bug <report>)

*We will be running our first chron on Sunday Dec 30th at 9PM PST.

*Relationships are still in the process of being added.

===Original Characters===
We are once again ready to hear your Original Character ideas and do our best to find you a place in the narrative. Making an OC is a process, it takes time. We want to set you up with the best possible beginning in Ithir. Please be patient with us as we process the apps already in que. We are very much looking forward to the new ones as well.