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By Reilena on 04/08/2019 12:38 p.m.

Thats right! We are moving in to our Beta phase of Ithir. We had a lot of goals in Alpha that we were able to meet and exceed, and a few goals we set for ourselves that we were not able to meet! Regardless of that, we have decided to press on and move in to Beta. Hopefully this FAQ post will help answer all of your burning Beta questions. But if there is anything left unanswered, you can always ...

General Announcements: Alpha Now Open

By Reilena on 12/28/2018 noon

The day has come and we are open for alpha players to come and join us in the Immortal Lands! We are so excited to have this game up and running. But as this is Alpha and not a complete game, there are a few guidelines I want to lay out for our players. ===The First Two Weeks=== Many of you have been with us in our pre-alpha Discord group and have chosen roster characters from that initial list. If ...

General Announcements: Pre-Alpha

By Reilena on 09/04/2018 1:23 p.m.

Ithir MUSH is in its production phase! Meaning that we are still building systems, grids, characters, rosters etc. That also means that anything you see on this website, for the time being, is subject to drastic changes! Feel free to look around, but know that this is all still very much under construction. Thanks!

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